Thomas Countz

Specify Bundler Version

If you’re like me, you may have versions of both Bundler 1 and Bundler 2 installed on your system. This can make it difficult to manage different codebases.

Say one requires an older version, like 1.13.6. You can run the following command to install it,

gem install bundler -v 1.13.6

but when you install gems,

bundle install

you might end up seeing something like


in your Gemfile.lock file… which is not the same as bundling with 1.13.6.

You can tell Bundler that you’d like to use a specific version of Bundler by specifying the exact version number before the command you which to run. Like so:

bundle _x.x.x_ install

To install gems for your project using Bundler 1.13.6, you can use this command to force Bundler to use the correct version:

bundle _1.13.6_ install

And you should see


at the end of your Gemfile.lock file.


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